Nancy AdamsNancy Adams was born on the coastal South Shore of Massachusetts. She has lived in Texas for the past 15 years with her husband and Tin Armadillo partner, John (Tuz) Adams along with their rescue pups and frequent muses, Spoonerdood and Cleo.

Heavily influenced by the Earth Day movements in the early seventies, She started experimenting with tin cans as art during her high school summers, where starting at 15 years old she showed and competed as an adult in Arts Festivals and Craft shows throughout New England. It developed into a such a success, it helped pay for 4 years at School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and then 2 years at Butera School of Art, Boston, where she studied painting and graphic design.

Never one to follow traditions, she happened upon motorcycle and hotrod painting commissions while still in college. It blossomed to national and international accounts from musicians and radio stations, to clubs and corporations.

For thirty years she painted every surface out there,,,helicopters, planes, swimming pool bottoms, drum sets, wall murals, motorcycles, double decker buses, race boats, race cars, pipe organs and window glass. She was featured in magazines, books, hotrod and motorcycle events, restaurant and club openings, her artwork on motorcycles was even featured in museum shows in New York and Europe.

Never wanting her medium to define her as an artist, she decided to make a complete shift in direction and revisit her childhood passion with tin cans. But now with many years design experience, she is embarking on a new adventure in creating three dimensional pieces and mixed media two dimensional pieces, all including tin cans as the main ingredient. Her goal is to rethink what we believe is junk and throwaway material, and turn it into a much more exotic and appreciated metal as art, but always with an amusing upbeat twist.

She believes passionately that artists are born with a different viewpoint and just need a seed of encouragement from adults to steer them into believing in themselves at a young age to foster a successful mindset. She is invited to demonstrate at local elementary and middle schools during Art Appreciation Days to expand their viewpoint as to what can be created by the use of upcycled materials. In turn, they have a tin can drive to donate to the cause, including the cans from their cafeterias.

Nancy’s tinwork has been featured in Maine, Key West, New York and where she lives currently in Texas and has been commissioned and sent sculptures to private collections all over the country, Canada, and Europe. Her work has been featured in Chron.com, Houstonia.com, The Leader, and others. She has shown at Hardy and Nance Studios, and was a show winner at No Place Like the Yellow Brick Road Show, is a regular member of First Saturday Arts Market, and frequently shows her work in Austin, San Antonio and the Houston area juried Arts Festivals, and is very ready to expand.